there’s a big change in the air . . .

‘Subtlemob’ was never a company or an organisation (despite what some people think),
subtlemobs were an idea, an experiment in creating experiences.
We always wanted it to be an open idea, something that anyone
can make with a little time and effort, and now it seems that
other people finally are, which is really exciting for us.

If you’ve taken part in ‘as if it were the last time‘ or ‘our broken voice’,
those are subtlemobs that we made,
as of now that ‘we’ is Circumstance.
You’ll find our new website at
(and if you’re so inclined you can follow us on twitter @ofcircumstance )

We’re going to keep making subtlemobs, but we’re also going to
keep making lots of other things, that we hope you’ll also enjoy.

and in current news . .

We’re running a new version of ‘our broken voice’ in Edinburgh
next week on the 24th and 26th August, if you live there or are
visiting for the festival go to to sign up

for now . .

thanks for your interest so far

and a very big thanks to everyone who’s taken part in our subtlemobs in London, Auckland, Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, Sydney, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Ghent, Milton Keynes, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Yokohama,

it takes you to make them happen

we hope you stick with us through this change

and as ever

try to remain invisible

- circumstance